Uplifting Facial Massage

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Uplifting facial massage is a truly pampering experience, it not only makes you feel relaxed, but it is also fantastic for your skin and overall health.


Four key benefits of facial massage:-


Prevents Wrinkles

When we are stressed our muscles are tense, regular facial massage helps to relax tense muscles, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.  It’s important to do DIY facial massage when applying your moisturiser or serum every day, in upward circular motions in order to relax the muscles and aid circulation.  Please ask for any further guidance at Orchid Beauty…



Regular facial massage is very different to a facial, a facial massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system.  We have over 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body.  After facial massage your face glows, taking away the tiredness and sluggishness of the day.


Congestion Build-up

Facial massage can really make a difference with sinus congestion, pressure build-up, puffiness and headaches.  By gently manipulating the facial muscles this helps to improve drainage and relieves congestion.  However if you are still suffering from discomfort it could be an infection, so worth visiting your GP too.


Hydrates & Nourishes the Skin

A good facial oil is not easy to formulate.  Here at Orchid Beauty I use Alani Aromatherapy pre-blended oils, which are local to me, in Cheltenham.  These are easily absorbed into the skin and deliver fatty acids and vitamins to the face as well as being wonderfully relaxing or uplifting depending on the blend.  The oils nourish and hydrate the skin and really do smell fantastic, great for all the senses!


Remember to look after your skin from the inside out…..  All the work and money spent on skincare won’t make much difference if you aren’t getting enough sleep or drinking enough water to help eliminate the build-up of toxins within the body.


Relaxing Orchid


If you’d like to try my Luxury Facial Massage, this is what is involved within the treatment….


Luxury Facial Massage

Cleanse, tone, massage, mask, then a tone and moisture to finish.  An uplifting massage of the face, neck and upper chest using pre-blended essential oils – this treatment is wonderfully relaxing, removes toxins and can help relieve the body of stress.

£30.00 (45 minutes)


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